Bob Croft Guitar Lessons

Bob Croft has played guitar for over 45 years and has taught guitar privately in the Littleton area for over 35 years. He taught Applied Guitar and directed the Pop Music Ensemble at CU Denver in 1997 – 98. 

Bob is the author of the book, “Reading Chops for Guitarists,” which is a guide to single-note melodic reading for guitarists of all levels. 

As a staff composer/producer for Brown Bag Productions for 24 years, and later, at High Definition Music he wrote & produced music for tv and radio markets, locally, nationally, and worldwide. Including a fair amount of sound design work. Both companies specialized in something called, “On Air Imaging.” Clients were more or less every major tv and radio network in the world (CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, HBO, BBC, NFL Films, Star TV Hong Kong, Clear Channel, Sirius XM, etc.). This was an incredibly rewarding experience and he was able to work with some incredibly talented people. 

Bob is very active in the local music scene performing with several bands including, the Mary Louise Lee Band, the Jerseys, Deja Blu, Forever In Blue Jeans, and others.

His typical approach to teaching is to find out what kind of music inspires a student to want to play, and use that as a way to inspire them to hone all the essential music fundamentals (rhythm, melody, harmony, improvisation, etc.). Everyone has their own goals and expectations and Bob works at a pace that is comfortable and realistic for the individual, keeping the lessons fun, but encouraging you to push your personal envelope too. Bob brings the best of all his many years of playing and experience to all our students in every lesson.   

Bob Croft, Guitar Teacher at Evergreen School of Music.