Acoustic, Bass and Electric Guitar Lessons in Evergreen

The guitar teachers at Evergreen School of Music all have many years of experience teaching and playing guitar.  All our instructors are professional players and play in the Denver and surrounding area.  Teachers work with proven materials that encourage students to start playing at the first lesson.

We teach all kinds of guitar instruction from Rock and Roll, Funk, Jazz, and Classical.  We include Electric Guitar and Acoustic Guitar as well as Bass Guitar.  Many of our guitar students play in bands and write their own music.

7 years is the earliest we recommend for guitar lessons, although we have had a few students start earlier. Guitar playing requires a fair amount of pressure on the fingertips from pressing on the strings. Children under 7 generally have small hands and may find playing uncomfortable. Bass lessons generally start a little older.

Guitar Teachers

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Bob Croft, Guitar Teacher at Evergreen School of Music.

Bob Croft

Bass, Electric and Acoustic Guitar


Kevin Alumbaugh

Bass, Electric and acoustic guitar


Mailyn Faulkner

Guitar, Ukulele and Mandolin